DJ in Dresden

Dresden native DJ Capitano comes from a true DJ family: his father is the multitalented DJ Bongo and his big brother is an electronic music DJ. His musical upbringing has contributed to his diverse musical tastes as well as his extensive knowledge of the past sixty years of music history. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding or corporate event, DJ Capitano is sure to get the party started, given his knack for reading his audience. When it comes to equipment and sound, DJ Capitano pays close attention to detail – the makings of a true DJ.

DJ Capitano in Dresden Electro Swing


As a DJ for private events and at the clubs of Dresden, DJ Capitano offers only the best dance music. He doesn’t just bring his own equipment to parties, weddings or lounges, but also his extensive knowledge of music. His repertoire spans the 50s into the present day, covering decades of pop and rock music as well as electronic music. He ventures into the genres of Funk & Soul, Electro Swing, Latin Music or Balkan Beats and also feels at home as a DJ for Alternative Rock, Hip Hop and House/Electro. DJ Capitano gladly caters to international guests or the musical preferences of the event host – as long as the events remain Helene Fischer-free. He always looks for the perfect moment to change the style of music and with it the mood of the party. He also digs up forgotten classics that are sure to get people moving and his prowess as a DJ guarantees the smoothest transitions which make for a complete dance party experience.